“Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart.”


From the first moment you see your newborn baby – your world will change… And before you know it your sleepy, squishy baby will be rolling over, crawling and walking. To us, there is nothing more magical than capturing your baby's first coos.. their first smiles.. their sweet wrinkly skin. You only have one opportunity to capture your newborn and all of their freshness and as parent’s ourselves, we know it goes by so fast.


How old should my newborn be for the session?

Without a doubt within the first 7 to 10 days of life. By the time your baby reaches two weeks, they are already more alert, developing baby acne and more aware of their surroundings. If you are currently pregnant, schedule your newborn's session now to ensure your session availability, and once baby arrives let us know within 48 hours to be worked in.

baby pictures

My baby is a few weeks old, is it too late?

Though newborn sessions are best during the first two weeks of life, the answer is no! It's never too late for photographs of your little one. There may be limits on certain baby poses but I'll be able to capture big smiles and more of their personalities.  These cuties are only this tiny once, so as they say, "better late than never"!

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Where do sessions take place?

Our newborn sessions take place in the warmth and safety of our Hixson studio. And, let's face it, Mom is sure to be exhausted from the new addition as well, so we give Mom and Dad a much needed break and take care of everything. Siblings and family are more than welcome to join in on the fun! The baby is photographed in a comfortable, heated environment as we capture the most beautiful sleeping poses, and once we get those beautiful shots (and sneak in a little snuggle time) we invite parents and siblings in for your first family portrait. 

Newborn Photographer

What do I have to provide?

Just your baby….

It's that easy.  We could easily be labeled “prop hoarders'' but if you have a sentimental item, pinterest board, or creative vision for your session, just let us know and we will incorporate it into your session. We do appreciate if you bring a Soothie style pacifier- the hole in the middle of the pacifier provides a way to easily move baby’s head and also comfort as we transition poses.

Newborn Photographer

How long do sessions take?

Newborn portraits average about 1 1/2 to 2 hours.  I go with your baby's flow and try to make it extra cozy and relaxing for you and the baby. I want to make sure little ones are happy and comfortable. There is also plenty of time for soothing, diaper changes, and extra feedings. About a week later we get back together for Viewing Session. We watch your custom slideshow in our awesome viewing room on an 8 ft screen! You build your package, we place your order, and it’s delivered straight to your door.

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Is there anything I should prepare?

Make sure you keep baby awake about an hour prior to your session and during the car ride if possible. We need a sleepy baby! Upon arrival, you will undress baby down to a diaper and feed him or her until the milk drunkenness takes over. And if baby has an accident, please don’t worry! We have plenty of backup blankets- and it’s just a hazard of the job.

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What should I wear?

Moms should wear something that makes her feel beautiful and comfortable (after all.. you just had a little one!). Overall, solid and light colored tops flatter moms and help create a whimsical feel. We typically only photograph mom and dad from the waist up so no worries about post baby tummies!

Solid colors such as creams, light grays, and light pastels help in keeping focus on your expressions and the moment.  A long flowy dress is also a beautiful option. Dads can wear a solid shirt that compliments mom's top.  A subtle pattern on dad's shirt can add interest.

Newborn in gray wrap

Anything else I should keep in mind?

If you have any other questions or special requests, please don't be shy...let us know! We want you and your baby to have the most memorable and satisfying experience from start to finish especially since these images will be keepsakes cherished for years to come.

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What is included in our newborn sessions…

  • 1 to 2 hours of studio time

  • 40-50 images edited in both color and our signature black and white with blemish removal

  • Social Media Sample posted approximately 3 days after your session

  • One on One Newborn View and Order session to go over your print product and digital needs- all with a custom slideshow on our 8 foot screen!



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