“Expecting a baby is just the beginning of expecting some of

Maternity sessions are best scheduled between 32-36 weeks to ensure that we don’t schedule too close to your due date, but that you are far enough along to have an amazingly full belly to show off!  Be sure to contact me by the end of your second trimester to secure availability on my calendar. My Milestone plan is amazing and if you are wanting the entire first year experience, you can save a lot of money investing in this package.


Studio vs On-Location

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Your Session can take place either in the comfort and privacy of our studio, or on-location depending on the vision you prefer. Clients tend to choose a studio session if they are looking for a more intimate session, the privacy of the studio allows them to to fee more comfortable showing their baby bump.  A solid white tank top with simple underwear, airy lingerie, femininely form-fitting dresses, or layered pieces all look fantastic in the studio environment.

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If you prefer an on-location Session, we will work together to determine the best location based on the vision you had in mind. We can do anything from an open grassy field, to textured and urban, to layered and woodsy – whatever you like!

Momma To Be Disclaimer

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There are a lot of Moms out there that are very hesitant about having maternity photos done because they aren’t sure or confident about the way they look, I mean your body is definitely going through a huge transformation, and it can be both stressful and really wear your self image down…
With that said, it is a documented FACT that there is nothing more beautiful than pregnancy, you are creating a life inside of you, and the glow that is created during this time makes any picture that you ever taken obsolete. There is a very short window to capture these amazing momentous shots and I promise to pose and direct you in a way that will accentuate your beauty, and fully illustrate just how glowing, radiant and stunning you truly are.  Just smile, mama – you got this!


I suggest reviewing my portfolio or Facebook to see if anything inspires you, and even have a handy-dandy Pinterest Board filled with outfit inspiration, posing and background inspiration for both types of Sessions. I am here to help you plan as much or as little as you need. If there is an idea you really like, just run it by me, I want to make this experience perfect for you!!

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Maternity Sessions usually last 1-2 hours and are meant to be fun! You are welcome to include spouses/partners/children within your Session, or have it simply revolve around just you for once.
Nothing is ever stiff or formal with me, so expect that we will get a little chatty, and pretty soon, any potential nerves will melt away. We laugh. We talk and you will hear me say, “Let me get one more shot like this….” about 700 times. Feel free to involve any kids, spouse/boyfriends, future grand parents or who ever your would like in your session, or make it all about you for once. The choice is yours.


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Once the session is over, you will receive a sneak peek of what we accomplished on Facebook and Instagram, unfortunately I am not able to tag you in that post, so make sure you like our page and follow us on Instagram. If you would rather a sample not be shared, simply let me know at the time of your session.

Here is the a link to my Facebook Page.

A week after your session we will meet back at the studio for your one on one ordering consult. This is where it all comes together! You’ll come into the studio to view all of your best images. Products are ordered a la carte, so we’ll go through the images while I’m there to offer guidance and make sure all of your questions are answered. You’ll place your order and leave the studio with excitement and confidence about your order!

Here is what is included in our maternity sessions:

  • 1 to 2 hours of shooting time either in our studio or outdoors.

  • 25-30 images edited in both our customized color and our signature black and white with blemish removal and skin smoothing

  • Social Media Sample on Our Facebook Wall

  • One Hour Ordering Consult Session that allows you to go over all of our pricing and helps you create the perfect portrait package

  • Your ENTIRE Session Deposit returned to you in print credit!!!