“Capture your family moments today to remember family memories tomorrow”

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Families are forever changing. Image Photography recognizes and respects the concept of family. Capture your families growth with an amazing outdoor or studio session with us. Whether its a milestone being reached by your little one, or just time to update that family portrait. We have amazing options to help create the perfect image just for you and your family.


With the amazing views and scenery that Chattanooga has to offer, finding a location as a photographer has never been easier. We have several locations in that we have access too, like Chester Frost Park, private fields and of course our beautiful downtown River Front at Coolidge Park, but we are open to any ideas that you might have. We also have an amazing studio that is large enough to accommodate families up to 10 members . We would love to know if there is a location that is special to your family so we can try to incorporate it into your session and make your portrait truly personal.

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COLOR IS IN! This photo shoot is meant to capture your family, including individuality and style. Helpful tips to keep in mind when choosing outfits:

  • Think coordinating, not matching. Incorporate colors and patterns that fit well together, not all professional family pictures have to be black shirts and Khaki pants.

  • Don’t be afraid of color! Choose a few neutral colors, and then add a few bright accents to your outfits. Accessories such as scarves, necklaces, and clothing layers are great for this.

  • Make sure all clothing fits just right, nothing too baggy and nothing too tight, as a hint, mainly for the dads out there, if you wore them your Senior year of high school…time to let them retire.

  • Stay away from screen print and logged items, I know the Gucci shirt costs $500, and it looks great… But we want the picture to be about you and your family, their personality and connection. So no logged shirts help make that happen.

  • We are here for you the entire process, so don’t be afraid to text us, email us or send us a message with different outfit ideas. Also check our Pinterest Page for outfits that we enjoyed in other family sessions.


  • Lets face it, picture time has never been an exciting time for kids. But we ask that you get the kids excited for this event, let them know how much fun its going to be and get them excited about having their picture made. I am a parent of 6, so I know our go too is, “Best Behavior”…. But not for this event, we want them happy and go lucky the entire session.

  • Kids are very susceptible to your emotions, so if they since that you are stressed, then they will be. Dont loose your cool during tantrums, its nothing that we haven’t dealt with before, just keep your cool, let the mood pass and continue having a good time.

  • We want to capture their true expressions, laughter and joy, even some sneaky serious expressions, so lets keep if fun, light and carefree the entire time.

  • As a tip, our best behaved kids and dads for that matter, are ones that arrive to the session with a full belly. We bring snacks too to help with any emergency hunger pains, but be sure that everyone is arriving on a full stomach. We don’t want any Snickers alter egos to appear;)

After Your Session

Once the session is over, you will receive a sneak peek of what we accomplished on Facebook and Instagram, unfortunately I am not able to tag you in that post, so make sure you like our page and follow us on Instagram. If you would rather a sample not be shared, simply let me know at the time of your session.

Here is the a link to my Facebook Page.

A week after your session we will meet back at the studio for your one on one ordering consult. This is where it all comes together! You’ll come into the studio to view all of your best images. Products are ordered a la carte, so we’ll go through the images while I’m there to offer guidance and make sure all of your questions are answered. You’ll place your order and leave the studio with excitement and confidence about your order!

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Signature Products



All albums are printed on archival photo paper, NOT press paper. The short term difference is thickness, richness, and color. The long-term difference is archival ability. Your album should be passed on to your grandchildren in beautiful condition. My albums feature leather cover options and my favorite, lay-flat pages to allow beautiful panoramic spreads across the entire album.

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Wall Art

MY SPECIALTY! Choosing what to put on our walls can be the toughest interior design decision we face, so we'll create the perfect wall before ever making a nail hole. I specialize in creating custom arrangements to suit your room, your decor, and your personality.