“It is a smile of a baby that makes life worth living”

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There are typically three milestones that we look for when booking a Baby Studio Session. Baby studio sessions are reserved for Babies within the 3 month to 11 month age range. These sessions are by far some of the funnest and cutest sessions that we do here at Image Photography. There is nothing Shea and I love more than making a baby smile ear to ear. Check out some samples from some of our favorite sessions celebrating these milestone and then take a look at the age guide we put together to help you out it picking the right session for your little one.



Here is what is included in our Baby Studio Sessions:

  • 1 hour of studio time with up to three outfit changes

  • 25-30 images edited in both customized signature color and our signature black and white

  • Social Media Sample on Our Facebook Page

  • One on one Print Consult with Matt to review your images and order any professional printed or digital products


Take a look at some of the past sessions that we have done, and enjoy!!! Also feel free to book your session with us using the link below or by calling the studio at 423-521-7427.








3-5 Months

Push Up Session

Push Up Sessions usually take place around 3 to 5 months.  This is what you are looking for before you book your push up session with Image Photography.

  • Your little one needs to be comfortably pushing up from their belly successfully.

  • When on their back, the baby should be reaching for, if not grabbing their feet

  • We also want baby responding to us, so if we play peek a boo, we should see a smile. This is the very first smiling session.

Push-Up Session (3-5 Months)
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6-9 Months

Sit Up Session

Sit up Sessions usually occur between 6 and 8 months of age. Here are some things we look for in our Sit Up Babies.

  • They need to have balance while sitting up.  No leaning tower of baby here. This is for the safety of the little one.

  • We like for them to be interactive with their hands, being able to reach and grab for things is definitely a plus.

  • Being able to face one direction and turn their head to another also helps with this amazing session.

Sit-Up Session (6-8 Months)
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9-11 Months

Stand Up Session

Stand-Up Sessions usually happen right around 9 to 11 months.  They don't have to be walking, but we do look for a couple of things with this session.

  • Furniture Crawler: your little one should be able to navigate up to a standing position and then down to a sitting position while maintaining their balance.

  • They should also be mobile, whether it’s a full off crawl or a really cute simplified army crawl.

  • Directional attention, we want little one to look over there shoulder, turn their head to the side and find us so we can get those cute standing looking over the shoulder shots:)

Pull-Up Session (9-11 Months)
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Book your session right here, but keep in mind, this session is one thats included in our Milestone Portrait Plan, click the button below to learn more about this amazing year Portrait Package.

If you have any questions about your Sit-Up Session or want to book your session with us, feel free to give us a call today at 423-521-7427

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