Meet the Family

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Matt Wolcott                    



Matt has been a professional photographer in the Chattanooga area for 17 years now. Specializing in baby and family portraits, Maternity, Newborn and ESPECIALLY Child Photography, he is a master of creating unique and inspiring lighting effects both in his studio and on location. Matt has continued his education as a proud member of several professional groups.  He has been a member of the PPA (Professional Photographers of America) since 2008.  He is also a member of the PPET (Professional Photographers of East Tennessee), Tennessee Professional Photographers Association, Photoshop Professionals Association, and Christian Photographers Association and was accepted into the prestigious Nikon Professional Services Group.  


In addition to his photography and family, Matt enjoys fishing, playing guitar, and wood work projects. He loves creating fun crafts for his family to do together, and really enjoys rummaging through Pinterest to find new inspiration.

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Shea Wolcott

Photographer Assistant

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As Matt's Daughter you can imagine how much this young lady is around a camera, but its still shock when you hear that this child has photographed with her father for 6 years now.  Shooting important moments along side her father, setting lights up and knowing exactly where her father needs them.  She has even shot a low budget wedding by herself with her Dad sitting back in the shadows.  Shea loves children and making them smile, and is most likely one of the most mature young ladies you will ever meet.  A junior member of the Professional Photographers of America, Shea aspires to one day co-manage operations at the studio and continue her passion in photography.

When Shea isn't helping Matt at the studio or shooting her own sessions, she practices her keyboard in her room, chases and wrestles with her Fur Baby Ralphie, or can be found sitting on the couch listening to her favorite K-Pop band.  Shea is homeschooled so she is normally in the studio during normal hours editing and organizing equipment. She is a straight A student and is presently pursuing a modeling career in Atlanta. 

“I love my wife, and my family... they will always be my favorite subjects!!! I can never thank them enough for allowing me to chase my dreams”

Our Family Story

Matt and his wife Kristin met at a Sonic Drive thru, and after only two weeks of dating, Matt knew that she was the one for him, so he popped the question on December 25th 2001 at only 18 years old. Flash forward thee months and Matt and Kristin were married on March 8th 2002. Once married Matt and Kristin stayed in Chattanooga until School started back in the Fall of 2002 when they returned to Lee University to continue Matts education at Lee University.

In the Summer of 2003 another life changing event would happen, while on vacation in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, they would discover that they were expecting their first child.

Noah Alexander Wolcott would arrive in January of 2004. This started a great journey for Matt, at this time he started his career with Sears Portrait Studio and found his favorite subject in his beautiful wife and new son. After a year or two in Cleveland, TN finishing up his degree is History, Matt and his wife made their way back down to Chattanooga to plant their lives in the Hixson Area.

A couple years had passed and Matt had transitioned into a full time professional photographer while Kristin had become a Certified Pharmacy technician. They both felt like it was time to expand their family. After a year of no luck, they had gotten word from a friend of the family that two little girls were in need of a forever home. In December of 2011, Kaylee and Khloe entered their home as foster children. One of the best Christmas gifts that their family would ever receive.

As they adjusted to life with their new little ones, there third daughter, Keeli aka Shea, the biological half sister of the twins would find themselves without a home. Soon she would join with her sisters in Matt and Kristin’s home as a foster child in August of 2012.

Later that year in September of 2012 Matt and Kristin would find out that their world and family was going to get a little bigger. After years of trying, Kristin found out that she was indeed pregnant. In the short span of one year, the Wolcott family grew from 3 to 6. In April of 2013 Kristin and Matt would finalize the adoption of Kaylee Brooke Wolcott and Khloe Creel Wolcott just before the arrival of their youngest on May 5th 2013.

The arrival of their youngest proved to be one of the biggest trials that their family would have to overcome. At birth, little Elijah James Wolcott was found to have unseen birth defects and was rushed to the Erlanger NICU. On the second day of this little life he would undergo surgery that started an entire year of corrective surgeries to help Elijah gain use of his bowls and correct other defects that were presented at birth. His last surgery took place in December of 2013.

After the last couple years of craziness, the Wolcott family decided to take a family vacation back to South Carolina, and while there they received a call from the State of Tennessee in regards to Justin, the half sibling of all the girls. Not wanting to separate the siblings, and wanting to bring them under the the same roof for the firs time in their lives, Matt and Kristin prepared their home and welcomed Justin in as their sixth child in the Summer of 2014.

As court cases persists and time went on, the Wolcott family officially adopted Keeli LaShea Wolcott in January of 2015. Flash forward to August of 2017 and Justin Wesley Wolcott was officially adopted into the Wolcott family completing their family at the magical number of 8.

Note From Matt

Family is obviously a very important part of all of our lives, to us family isn’t defined by blood or DNA but by love. Its absolutely impossible to describe the amount of joy it brings to me to see these children grow up together. To provide security, a warm place to lay their heads, a soft kiss on a boo-boo, a shoulder to cry on, or a funny face to jar a smile from a frown. Sharing this amazing journey with my wife Kristin is everything that I could ever ask for, its been such an amazing ride, and I look forward to every day with the hopes of another adventure!!! I cherish every moment with them, every memory. It inspires me, the holidays, the birthdays, the family dinners and outings. Children are a legacy, a privilege and honor. I can’t think of any better titles then Husband and Father.