Our Sit up Sessions usually occur between 6 and 8 months of age. Here are some things we look for in our Sit Up Babies.

  • They need to have balance while sitting up.  No leaning tower of baby here. This is for the safety of the little one.
  • We like for them to be interactive with their hands, being able to reach and grab for things is definitely a plus.
  • Being able to face one direction and turn their head to another also helps with this amazing session.

If your little one is 6 months or older and meets the criteria listed above, you are ready for a sit up session.  Another fun thing about sit up sessions is, you are able to have them outside! These sessions include a lot of different scenes and furniture so bring a variety of props and let's have some fun! Safety is our priority: we always have one of our photography assistants or one of you spot your little one if they are up on furniture and we will never ask you to do something that you are not comfortable with. Sit-Up Sessions also allow you the choice of two outfits, and between outfit changes you can most definitely get a naked booty shot.  This is one of the funniest and easiest sessions in their first year!



If you are a Milestone Portrait Package Member, this session is included in your package, please just call the studio and pick your date with one of our team members.  If you aren't a Milestone Portrait Package Member, feel to free to review the benefits by clicking the link below.

Check out our Milestone Portrait Package to capture your little angel's entire first year. Click here to learn more!

Check out our Milestone Portrait Package to capture your little angel's entire first year. Click here to learn more!

Smash Cake Session
from 100.00

Enjoy a one hour outdoor session at one of Image Photography's amazing locations near our studio or in the comfort of our studio.  We picked our current location because of all the convince that it offered with wide array of creative locations to make your picture, picture perfect!! You and your family, or just your little one(s) will love the Cabin at Greenway Farms, the Old Oak Tree, the beautiful docks of Chester Frost Park, and many more fields and old barns.  Our step inside the studio to use one of our amazing custom seasonal sets!!! These session produces around 35-40 images that you will get to choose from in your one on one ordering session that takes place only one week after your shooting session.

Indoor or Outdoor Session:
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If you have any questions about your Sit-Up Session or want to book your session with us, feel free to give us a call today at 423-521-7427

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