Our little angels grow too fast...


If you are expecting your little miracle, congrats! And if you already have your little miracle, congrats anyway! Having a child is always something to not only celebrate, but also document.  At Image Photography Inc. we want to give you the ability to capture, store and celebrate each and every one of your little ones' accomplishments in that very first year.  Thats why we have set up amazing discounts and portrait plans to help capture that special first year without breaking the bank.










During your third trimester around 34-36 weeks







3 months to 5 months












Stand Up Sessions usually take place between 9 and 11 months.  Baby needs to be "Furniture crawling" 






This session takes place within the first 10-15 days of life.  












Around 6 to 8 months when baby is comfortably and safely sitting up by themselves




Smash Cake

Time for the Party, the Smash Cake Party, and these sessions make an amazing mess, but even more amazing pictures