Newborn Sessions

Our little ones grow so quickly! In one year’s time your little bundle will grow and learn to push up, roll over, sit up, stand up and in some cases even walk. They will cut teeth, test your patience, and melt your heart...All in the first year! Image Photography offers a variety of newborn and milestone portrait sessions for events such as these. Remember your little ones just as they are as we photograph them in our ever changing studio scenes.

Newborn sessions take place during the first 7-10 days of life. Their little fragile bodies have been through so much already, so we take every precaution to create the perfect safe and healthy atmosphere for your little one! We always have assistants on hand to keep the baby in one place and clean sheets and blankets that are washed with baby-safe products. And, let's face it, Mom is sure to be tuckered out from the new addition as well so we give Mom and Dad a much needed break, and we take care of everything. The baby is photographed in a comfortable, heated environment as we capture the most beautiful sleeping poses, and once we get those beautiful shots, and sneak in a little snuggle time, we invite parents and siblings in for your first family portrait. 

Newborn Sessions take place at our studio in Hixson, TN.  Two hours are blocked off so we have enough time to work with your little one along with giving breaks for feeding time or changing diapers.  These special sessions are normally $200 but you can typically find a special on Facebook or another one of our social sites.  We also have digital downloads available along with some amazing packages that start at only $199.99 that include both print and digital.  We are sure to have something to fit your budget at Image Photography.


If you are expecting a little one, or already have one that needs portraits taken, please fill out the form below and we will contact you and get you on our schedule. You can also call the studio to schedule your newborn session today at 423-521-7427. 

ook your session right here, but keep in mind, this session is one thats included in our Milestone Portrait Plan.  Click the images to find out more information.

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