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We want to give everyone the opportunity to check Image Photography out, and thats why July is our Friends and Family month at Image.  All month long we are slashing our pricing, starting right here with our studio session.  Wether its time to take an updated family photo, or maybe your little one isn't so little anymore, or its time to celebrate that amazing smash cake session, right now is the time to book.  

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With this special you are going to get a full hour of photography time in our air conditioned studio....(I felt that air conditioned was extremely important to mention with the heat we have been having)... Bring a couple outfits for changes because this session produces 30-40 edited images in both our signature color and artistic black and white.  Heres the special part.....

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We know that digital download of your images with print release is all the rave these days, that is why for the month of July, we are discounting our studio digital to only $249.99!!! That is your session fee and all the digital files!!! This is for sessions that take place in July ONLY, so call the studio today at (423)521-7427 or fill out the form below and my assistant can set you up over the phone.  You can even book and pay for this session online simply by scrolling down:) The Choice is yours, we are looking forward to creating beautiful, amazing images for you and your family!!!

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Studio Sessions

Studio Sessions are scheduled for one hour, and produce around 30-40 images for your to choose and create your portrait collection.

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