Kirk Newborn

It would be an understatement to call this little guy a miracle baby.  Facing the utmost of obstacles this little man and his Momma decided to roll the dice.  Momma (Shanda Kirk) is truly an inspiration and ambassador to "Life". Upon given the grim likely hood that she would not survive the pregnancy, Shanda decided to choose life and after 3 plus months of bed rest, and a 3 month old premature baby, both Mom and Baby are home safe and sound and healthy after a stay in the NICU.  Little Griff is now almost 3 months old and just now getting to his Newborn Session. These pictures needed to be intimate, and we wanted to bring a little touch of Dad's work, a UPS worker.  They turned out perfect and we for one wanted to thank the Kirk family for allowing us to run with our ideas.  Enjoy your samples and thanks so much for using Image Photography:)

House 3.jpg
House 5.jpg
House 6.jpg
House 7.jpg

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Newborn Photography Session

This session takes place in the first 7-14 days of your newborn's life. Mom, Dad & Siblings are welcome to participate in the session.  This session grants the booking party 2 hours of studio time.  Sit back and relax as the photographers work their baby whispering magic on your little one as they gently put them to sleep and maneuver them into amazingly cute poses to help announce the arrival of your little one.  Then, meet back at the studio a week and a half later with your entire family for an amazing ordering session that will have you in awe as you look over 35-45 images of your little one in perfect color or black and white.

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