Holm Skin to Skin

We wanted to thank Kara Holm for being brave enough to try out a new session that we are offering at Image Photography. Nothing can really explain the bond between mother and child, and no portrait will ever do it justice.  As a father of 6 I see day in and day out the effect, and hands on role that a mother plays in the life of their little ones.  She is a caregiver, a cook, a chauffeur, a doctor/nurse... all of this and still finding time to be a power ranger, time traveler, artist, or something completely off the wall and fresh out of our Childs imagination.  So I wanted to create something that would capture that bond through intimate pictures.  When a baby is born, the nurses or doctors instantly put the baby on Moms chest... Something about that Skin to Skin contact.  That is why we are naming this session "Skin to Skin"... You can tell the deep contact that Kara has with her children, both boys, and both in a hard felt struggle for attention from Momma.  We captured some great shots that couldn't completely define their Mother Son relationship, but come as close as possible.  Enjoy the gallery, and thanks again Kara Holm:)

Holm Portrait 2.jpg
Holm Portrait 1.jpg
Holm Portrait 3.jpg
Holm Portrait 4.jpg
Holm Portrait 5.jpg
Holm Portrait 6.jpg

If you are interested in this amazing session, contact the studio by calling 423-521-7427 and book your session over the phone or fill out the form below and the studio will call you to answer any questions that you might have.  If you are ready to go ahead and book we have added the link for your to book this appointment online.  Once paid it will ask you for dates that you would prefer to shoot.  The studio will then get back to you and schedule a time to shoot your session that works for you.

Skin to Skin "Intimate Motherhood" Session

This session takes away all the glitz and glamour of props and scenes. It captures the most intimate part of motherhood, from breastfeeding to just being skin to skin, we want to capture a moment that defines your relationship with your little ones. The session takes place in the privacy of our studio and produces around 20 shots that you will receive in digital formate with print release. You will also have the option to print up professionally with Image Photography for any wall art that you might want to create.

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