Zeke and Uncle Matt

As most of my siblings and step siblings know, when their babies are with Uncle Matt and Aunt Kristin, chances are that their picture is going to get made.  With that said I am completely in love with this little turkey. He belongs to my brother and his wife Kristin, I know right, two Kristin Wolcott....Makes Christmas fun... But this little guy.... strike that.... BIG little guy is only a little over 2 months old and already has the perfect amount of rolls and is pouring out personality... among other things that I won't mention on the blog... Take a look at what happens with a chubby, cute, redheaded little baby nephew comes by Uncle Matts Studio!!! Love this little guy!!!! SURPRISE MOM AND DAD (Nick and Kristin).  Hope you like them!!!

July 4th Mini 4.jpg
July 4th Mini 5.jpg

Zeke was so amazing he even modeled for our Murica Mini sessions that we are holding next week. This little guy was made to be on camera!!!

July 4th Mini 3.jpg

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