Wade Senior Model

Our first Senior Model Session is in the books and this model is a STEM Student that played baseball at Red Bank and wanted to express his roots back on the field he learned to love the game on.  Max and his Mom both joined us for this amazing set of pictures as we discovered new spots through out the city of Red Bank off Dayton Blvd.  Love how the baseball pictures show the intensity and passion he has for the game.  And the ONLY way to make a Senior Guy smile you might ask?? Simply mention the name of his girlfriend!!! I think I said her name a million times but once this young man smiled, traffic stopped... or that might have been the red light that we were next to, either way, this guy is a great looking young man and we are so very thankful to have him as a Senior Model this year!!! Congrats Max, you only have 2 more semesters left then off to college bro!!! Thanks for using Image Photography and enjoy your previews!!!

House 3.jpg
Wade Senior SS-3.jpg
Wade Senior SS-7.jpg
Wade Senior SS-2.jpg
Wade Senior SS-1.jpg
Wade Senior SS-9.jpg
House 2.jpg

Are you a member of the Class of 2019 than Image Photography needs you!!! If you are looking for those cut out pictures that everyone gets from that "one company" they make you go too, then just keep searching, but if you want your pictures to mean something, if you want your pictures to describe who you are and radiate your personality, but, at the same time, something original, artistic and creative... Image Photography is the place for you!!! Call the studio to book your session today at this special Model Price at 423-521-7427 or fill the form out and I will contact you at a time you desire.  These spots are limited, so you can also insure you get a spot with us by purchasing your Senior Session right here by adding the session to your cart below!!! Your going to love your pictures, we guarantee it!!! 

Senior Session Guys

Senior Sessions showcase our graduating class with amazing photography that thinks outside the box.  This photography isn't going to be the cookie cutter stuff the school shoves in your face.  We are taking custom personal photography that helps identify who you have become in this process and help celebrate your accomplishment.  Various sessions and time frames are available to help accommodate mom and dads budget.  Trust us, this is one experience you don't want to miss out on!!!

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