Conner and Danielle Tie the Knot

We had such an amazing time at this beautiful wedding.  I have to admit when the mother of the groom, Conner's Mom, came to us a couple weeks before... I did not think that this wedding was going to be as beautiful as it was.  A lot of that was in part to a gorgeous bride and her beautiful mermaid style wedding dress.  The guys were so cooperative as we just soared through their set and captures some amazing shots.  When the ladies were ready it was time for the grand reveal at the Embassy Suites at Hamilton Place.  This place made it easy to find beautiful portrait areas, and with the humidity it was nice to find an air conditioned area to take the bridal shots before heading over to the ceremony at Island Cove Marina.  I have only shot one other wedding at Island Cove Marina, and though we are secluded on a small little island, you just can beat that beautiful sunset over the Harrison Bay.  I love these images, and couldn't wait to get them edited and up on the blog:) Thanks for being an incredible wedding party to start off our wedding season.  You guys were fantastic, the entire family made my staff and I feel extremely welcomed, and every one wanting to catch a glimpse at the back of my camera, only made me want to capture something more beautiful... It truly inspired me.  You guys have a beautiful family and we wish your new marriage an infinite amount of happiness and love.  Thank you for choosing Image Photography to capture your special day.