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I have been photographing in Chattanooga for over 14 years now and when I started I always said that I would never be one of "those" photographers.  I always wanted to meet and photograph as many people that would let me. Sad to say that as I grew in the industry I lost sight of my goal to be the friendly neighborhood photographer.  With that said I am returning my company to its roots and would like to release or Brand New pricing guide. This pricing is effective immediately, starting today.  I want people to come to Image and not spend an arm and a leg.  I want them to walk away, enjoying their time and investment here.  I have had a lot of clients walk away loving their images and hating the investment.  No more, I have dropped pricing on EVERYTHING... Im talking HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS OF DIFFERENCE.  This isn't a Hail Mary, this we aren't going under, we aren't closing... I just want my community to see what I can do, and not have to worry about money.  I hope that everyone gets to see the new pricing and I look forward to taking many more sessions in our awesome little corner of Tennessee:)

Your Friendly Neighborhood Photographer


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Hayes Smash Cake Session

As another little one passes through their first year with Image Photography, its so fun to look back on all the memories that we created with Briley and the rest of the Hayes family.  And in Image Photography fashion, to celebrate their beautiful little princesses first birthday, we break out our smash cake session.  Now we beforehand had decided that we wanted the smash cake session outdoors, but after the first outfit, I saw the look in Mom and Dads eyes as we all slowly melted under the sun's tremendous heat and humidity... So we moved into the studio and captured even more amazing shots!!! So here are some samples from little Briley's Smash Cake Session.  Thank you so much for allowing us to join in with your during this first year adventure.  And Briley HAPPY BIRTHDAY sweet girl, Shea and I are so happy for you, WELCOME TO THE TODDLER LIFE!!!

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When shooting our Smash Cake Sessions, we love to incorporate a little video to capture the amazing session and the little ones first bites into the cake.  So here is a little videography on how the actually smashing of the cake, went down.  Enjoy:)

If you like what you see, or maybe have a little one that will be taking that one year leap in the near future, we would love the opportunity to capture their images as they dive into a cake, or bath in strawberries or dive into doughnuts, whatever you would like.  We strive to capture the perfect moments for all our little ones that visit our studio!!! To book your session with us, give us a call at 423-521-7427 or book by purchasing your session below:) If you still have some questions, feel free to call or fill out the form below and we will be back with you as soon as possible:)

Smash Cake Session

One hour session with Image Photography at our studio. Use up to three outfit changes with our amazing scenes. Studio Sessions produce around 30-35 images that you will get to choose from in your one on one ordering session that takes place one week after your shooting session.

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Ice Cream Minis

What can be better than an ice cold creamy Summer snack than Ice Cream.  To celebrate all the memories that we have created with this delectable Summer time dessert we have created an amazing mini session that helps capture beautiful portraiture while your little one interacts and easts this amazingly pleasant icy cold goodness!!! Ice Cream Minis is a New Mini Portrait Session even offered by Image Photography.  

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The Session takes place outdoors with a majestic scene that we set up the day of the session.  It will feature all the favorites, vanilla, chocolate and strawberry, served to your little one in a crisp cone.  Capture the amazing expressions and the sheer joy that your little one will display while chowing down on their cone.  Then its edit time as we will take your shots and add our special touch creating a family heirloom that you will treasure for years to come!!! Sessions are 20 mins, and produce 15-20 images that will be presented in both the signature color and black and white that Image Photography has to offer!!!

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Take a look at the amazing packages that will be offered for this session and save huge on prints and digital.  Remember if you are a Plan member of either our SmileSavers or Milestone Plan... YOU PAY NO SESSION FEE!!! If you are interested in becoming a plan member, take a look at the bottom of this post for an opportunity to join.  Discover the amazing benefits of having a photographer in your pocket:)

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Ice Cream Mini Sessions
from 30.00

Its time again for another amazing mini session from Image Photography. This is the first time we will be offering the Ice Cream Mini session. Capture amazing images as your little one enjoys a summertime treat. Its going to be an amazing event with even more phenomenal portraits!!!

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Image Photography Smile Savers Plan
  • Free Access to all of our Signature Mini Sessions like Pumpkin Patch, Live Bunny Portraits, Firefly Summer Mini, Valentines Day Mini, Barnyard Mini and many more.

  • VIP Booking for our Santa Sessions, book your session up to a week before the non-plan members.

  • Two Outdoor Sessions, one in the Spring and another in the Fall. Family are welcomed to participate.

  • Discounted Digital on your regular sessions to $199.99 for all images edited in black and white and color. (around 30-40 images)

  • 15% off all wall art purchases

  • 50% off all print purchases when you purchase your digital


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